In a series of videos, Mountain Valley Pipeline is providing an overview of important topics that are intended to give stakeholders and other interested parties a better understanding of the MVP project, the status of construction, our ongoing erosion and sediment control efforts, and the challenges created by litigation.

In this first installment, the video shows numerous sections of the route where crews recently performed work and additional areas where the right-of-way has been fully restored.

The MVP’s total project work is nearly 94 percent complete, and crews continued with upland construction work, as permitted, through the summer of 2021. As of mid-October, more than 270 miles of pipe had been successfully welded and put in-place along the project’s 303-mile route. Additionally, MVP’s three compressor stations are fully built and work on original interconnect facilities is complete.

With more than half of MVP’s right-of-way being fully restored, completing construction and fully restoring the right-of-way remains the best method of long-term protection against erosion and sedimentation.