The Mountain Valley Pipeline is designed to deliver up to 2 billion cubic feet of domestic natural gas per day and is expected to serve the growing energy demand in the eastern United States through its interconnect facility located on the Transco pipeline system in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Work on that facility has been completed, as has work on three other interconnects. Each is ready to enter service, as shown in this video, the third installment in a series to provide stakeholders with an update on the status of MVP construction.

In addition, MVP’s design incorporates four delivery taps that will provide access to new natural gas supply for homes and businesses in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Dominion Energy West Virginia and Roanoke Gas Company are local distribution companies that will receive natural gas directly from the MVP to serve their local customers.

The project’s three compressor stations are also complete and ready to enter service. These stations, which are monitored 24/7, are required to maintain the necessary pressure to safely transport the natural gas inside the pipeline.

Total project work on the MVP is nearly 94 percent complete and full in-service is targeted for summer 2022.